The Story In The Season Of Covid 19 – No. 03: How To Use Our Time When We Have … More Time?

Speaker: Mrs. Nguyễn Lan Hải, Dr. MA.

“Do you love your life? If yes, never waste your time, because time is the brick building up this life.” — Benjamin Franklin —
Normally, we often hear a promise: “When having time, I will…,” “Let me arrange my time,” or we receive a refusal: “I am very busy,” “I do not have time,” “Please, my son/daughter, wait until I have time.” Because of pandemic of Covid 19, many people stay at home, becoming a “billionaire of time,” we also hear many surrounding people saying out: “what to do with all the time of day!”. Time is infinite, but human life is finite, while we have a lot of things to do in our life. Therefore, managing our time scientifically and effectively can help us to have so many opportunities to develop ourselves, learn more new things, experience what we have not yet done, spare much time for families and friends. Time management will help you to drive away bad habits such as delay of your work or business, bad arrangements, to avoid the pressure of a deadline, and to point out the better choices in your business or work. A priority and collaboration of duties with your available time is a way that helps us to work without burning so much energy. We can count: if each day we spare half-hour by using our time effectively, each year we have more than 180 hours.

  • Time of talk: Sunday, 12/09/2021

  • Length of talk: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

  • Fee: Free

  • Way of Participation: Zoom

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