[Online] Stories During the Season of Covid-19: Boundaries in Relationships

Instructor: Dr. Nguyễn Lan Hải

  • Class hours:  Sunday, 15 May 2021 (9:00 am – 10:30 am)
  • Course fee:  Free
  • Registration deadline: 13/08/2021
  • Location: Zoom
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The opening date: 15/08/2021

The closing date: 15/08/2021

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Everyone wants to build up a happy family, where every member always loves, respects, and trusts one another. However, there is no special school that teaches us who to build up a happy family. Therefore, we are always busy ourselves finding out the answers to the following questions: 

  • What is the boundary in our life relationships? How many types of relationships are there?
  • What is “private right” in a family?
  • In the spousal/sweetheart relationships, in what aspects does the respect for private rights manifest? Our grandparents often say that “respect one another from the beginning of an early encounter,” how is this proverb related to respect for privacy?
  • Many husbands or wives have not been over-controlled by their spouses until they get married. Thus, before getting married, should they be unanimous about some marital rules or familial principles?
  • When bringing up their children, at what age do parents need to look after the respect for the privacy rights of their children? How do they lead their children in their privacy in their daily activities, contacts, control in their study, healthy recreations… especially the usage of mobile phones and time to access websites or the internet.  
  • Boundaries in Communal life?