Do High School Students Fall in Love Early? Do not Fall in Sneaky Love, Love Purely and Genuinely.

Instructor: Dr. Nguyễn Lan Hải

  • Class hours:  Sunday, 17 January 2021 (9:00 am – 11:15 am)
  • Course fee:  Free
  • Registration deadline: 16/01/2021
  • Location: 171 Lý Chính Thắng rd, ward 7, district 3, Hồ Chính Minh city
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The opening date: 17/01/2021

The closing date: 17/01/2021

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Falling in love with the opposite sex at the age of a high school student can be considered to be normal, but “it is abnormal for them to go beyond the boundary of genuine love, “hurdling love.” With their immature thoughts of the teenagers, it is unpredictable for them to bear their consequences! So, being asked about what parents would do when they discover their children falling in love early, almost all parents declared: “Prohibition!”

Therefore, many Romeo- Juliette have hidden their love from their families, retreating into their “secretly love,” “love like a spy love,” children tell lies, sneakily going out, playing truant, studying downfall, … Many couples are discovered, the parents have forced the children to move to another school to “split and split,” scolded and used a strict method. In fact, no one wants the children to be miserable, irritable, uncomfortable, lovesick, even angry, or to hate their parents. Many parents hold that: If falling in love is a strong motivation for better study (showing off “more perfection than a partner), does not influence their study process, helping one another to advance, the parents will not prohibit strictly their children’s falling in love, instead, parents respect and accept their children’s love.

The encounter between Dr. Nguyễn Lan Hải with the participants at the Alexandre de Rhode Center for Ignatian Spirituality on Sunday, 17 January 2021 is about the following topics:

  • Some misconceptions about sex, sexuality in the youth today.
  • First love vibrations of life are not always stupid, abnormal, lack of thoughtful, immature.  If teenagers have authentic emotions towards one another, how do they do and express their love so that parents, teachers, and other people have another view, then, respect and support teenagers’ genuine love or emotional feeling?

Showing the “hints or tips” in dialogues or dealing with children/students who fall in love early.