Couple Camping: Listening to Love – Building a Happy Family

Instructor: Ms. Hoàng Minh Tố Nga, Ph.D.

  • Class hours: Starting in the afternoon of Thurday, 21-24 July, 2022 
  • Course fee: 8.000.000vnđ/ a married couple
  • Registration deadline: 12/07/2022
  • Location: The convent of the Daughters of Charity, Vũng Tàu city
  • Course Sessions:

The opening date: 21/07/2022

The closing date: 24/07/2022

  • Course description
  • Information of instructor
  • Registration guideline

 Our life seems to be our encountering, loving each other, getting maried, then giving births, and nourturinng children. It looks simple as a tree rising and becoming older in time. Our life is really mysterious. There are some couples getting merried with so much obstacles, but others couples with fullness of happiness in overcoming ups and downs. Why is it different? Is our married life like a getting along together in sharing a same bow of rice with one another, or providing properties with one another in the same house?

Let’s take a look at and discern our marriage in order to reflect and find out a new way to celebrate our authentic mature marriage. Each couple of spouses should rediscover their deep influence during their early perdiod of marriage until present in order that they can heal the fractures and broken married life. Thus, they can strengthen happiness and help one another to sublime their daily marriage life.

Objective: The Conference of Marriage helps marrital couples to gain necessary knowledge through topics:

  • Discerning the current marriage
  • Healing brokenness and hurts in married life
  • Strengthening a foundation of marital happiness
  • Promoting married life

The content of Conference:

  1. Looking back at the current status of married life
  2. Exploring childhood imprints and influence on marital life
  3. The 7- storey house of love by the theory of Gottman
  4. Discovering and sharing a partner’s “not-yet” understood feelings
  5. Bonding-Gala night, expressing love

Request from couples of spoused participants:

  • Only accepting couples who had been already married, not bringing their children to this conference
  • Taking the same bus together with the organizer of this conference. If a couple takes a private transportation, getting a contact and discussion with the organizer before their registration, please.
  • Fully committing to attend the conference, be present on time at the organized place (coming back their home, just in case of emergentcy)

The organizer only confirms the official registration information of participants who had paid at least 50% of the course fee in advance. If a couple gets difficulty in finance, getting a contact with CIS in order to gain a support.