Dear all priests, religious men and women, and Christian communities in Christ.

Ignatian spirituality, especially the Spiritual Exercises, is one of the great spiritual heritages of Roman Catholic Church. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola is the method of prayer that Christians can engage easily in order to follow the Risen Christ in their daily lives. The Exercises have helped exercitants to make their authentic discernment, deepen and live out their personal relationship with God and with the surrounding world.

In 2019, The Society of Jesus promoted Ignatian Spirituality as the one of four Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAP) over the world for a period of 10 years.

The center for Ignatian Spirituality (CIS) situated in the Alexandre de Rhodes House (Đắc Lộ) has been founded and in operation since September 2019. This establishment is considered a concrete response to the apostolic preference of the Vietnam Jesuit Province. The De Rhodes CIS is located at 171 Ly Chinh Thang rd, ward 7, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city. CIS has opened classes and activities which aim to provide an authentic and long-term support to Christians who genuinely desire to live their vocations more positively in the world and in their daily lives.

Concretely, since the beginning of September 2019, The De Rhodes CIS has organized the following courses and seminars/workshops:

  • Providing short term Meditation and Prayer courses/classes that reinforce the piety of religious men and women as well as faithful laity.
  • Holding courses and seminars about difficulties or issues in the daily lives of Vietnamese people, for instance: Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Sexuality, Gambling, Social Justice, and future potential topics.
  • Opening Courses of Psychological and Pastoral Counselling that have involved the following issues: Depression, Loss, Internal Conflict, Social Relationship, and Faith Development.
  • Providing one foundational methodical program that has included the basic courses that help participants to earn certificates in various aspects from CIS, such as General Psychology; Development and Growth Psychology; Challenges and Opportunities; Structures and Dynamics of Spiritual Exercises; Spiritual Discernment and Companionship; and other courses coming soon.